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This 2022 Cigarette 42X provides the ultimate experience of leisure, entertainment , and performance. This masterfully crafted vessel is highlighted by a powerful 2,700 horsepower capability. Amplified by a sleek design and multiple luxurious options the Cigarette 42X has emerged as one of the most beautiful boats ever created.

Full Description:

The 42X is distinctly Cigarette and has been refined through extensive engineering, comprehensive prototyping and unprecedented input from experienced drivers with hours behind the wheel. The result is a cockpit purposefully deep and reassuring to produce enhanced wind and water protection, while delivering confidence and comfort as you navigate waters with greater speed and precision.

Each of our hand crafted boats are born from a customer's vision and brought to life with the legendary performance and luxury only the Cigarette Racing Team can deliver. Our skilled team meticulously assembles every detail of the 42X in our faculty from the hand laid fiber hull to the intricately embroidered upholstery. Our craftsmanship is our commitment to the dreamers, the doers and the go-getters that live the Cigarette lifestyle.

Designed to your exact specifications, the cabin can be as calm and serene or as exotic and adrenaline filled as the boat itself. Custom, premium materials fill the cabin to provide a comfortable place to relax and extend a day on the water. With an available sleeping birth, sink, full spectrum LED lighting and multiple stitch patterns, the interior space of your 42X will be as unique and identifiable as you.

The 42X helm has been meticulously designed to accommodate the latest technologies and ergonomic studies into use.
Intelligent use of composite materials and construction techniques has allowed for further weight reduction with improved vibration dampening and structural rigidity, the re-designed hatch enhances the aeration of the extremely powerful engines. The consoles have been redesigned to allow for the latest findings in Cigarette's ergonomic studies to be put to use.

Cigarette relies on the leader in the industry, JL Audio Marine, to meet our client's pressing demand for the perfect, audiophile quality systems that can withstand the rigors of the sea, wind and open cockpits. Our sound system are tested in each model to ensure it is appropriate to the boat size and seating configuration to compliment precise and authentic playback of any music genre.

Intuitive controls and variable color options make setting a bold, vibrant vibe for a party or warm, ambient glow for a relaxed atmosphere easy and fun.

Our exacting detail for top performance is fully realized through the use of latest technologies and application of the finest materials. It should be no surprise that we take the same level of quality control and precise measures to ensure each color and material meet our exacting standards to withstand the harsh marine environments.

The 42X has emerged with an all new hull design to accommodate higher-powered engines and address changes in the dynamic center of gravity from added torque. This performance powerboat is capable of using twin 1350 HP engines with stability and control. Intelligent use of composite materials and construction techniques allow for further weight reduction, as well as improved vibration dampening and structural rigidity. Additionally, the hatch was redesigned for improved aeration of the upgraded power packages.

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